At O&S Timber, we supply & fit stoves of all sizes and styles. With such a great selection, you are sure to find something that suits your décor. Stoves are a great alternative to an open fire. When fitted with a back boiler, a stove can be a very economical way to heat your water and radiators. We can supply, or supply & fit, whatever suits you, the client.

Stove Fitting

Whether you want something sleek and modern, or prefer a more traditional and classic look, we have it all. Our team looks after everything, from installing your stove, to flue pipes and back boilers. We can get almost any type of stove, including:

  • Inset Stoves

  • Multi Fuel Stoves

  • Solid Fuel Stoves

  • Wood Burning Stoves

  • Cassette Style Stoves

  • Double Sided Stoves

If you need any advice, or would like to arrange for a quotation, simply call O&S Timber today.


Artificial Grass & Hedging

Artificial Grass and Hedging offers a number of advantages. It is instant, so no more waiting around relying on good weather for it to grow. This also means that no damage is done when it walked on. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with weeds every year and enjoy hassle free lawns! Artificial Grass is perfect for small areas, or places you do not want to get mucky, for example gardens, play areas. Whatever your reason, O&S Timber are here to help. We supply and fit a wide range of artificial lawns and hedges. To get a quote, simply call us today.

Artificial Grass

We supply and fit a huge selection of synthetic grass. Each product varies in terms of depth and quality. We stock:

  • Botanic

  • Brandon

  • Eden

  • Deluxe

  • Elysium

  • Alto

  • Rye

  • Range of accessories

  • Parkland

Artificial Hedging

Just like our grasses, there is a range of hedging to choose from. Our hedges work really well alongside the grass and can completely transform the look of your garden. Our hedges are ideal for creating boundaries and offering an added level of privacy and security.

We supply and fit:

  • Autumn

  • Emerald

  • Amazon